10 things to do in Cork

10 Things to do in Cork

Whether you are from Ireland, are living here temporarily or are just visiting, there are endless things to do on the Emerald Isle. The Escape man is here to guide you through the top 10 things to do in Cork.

Cork is a vibrant, unique and an exciting area of Ireland. With so much to see and do we have complied a list of things you must do when visiting Cork county and specifically Cork City.

Fota Wildlife Park

Fota Wildlife Park is one of Ireland’s top ten visitor attractions and a perfect place to visit for people of all ages.  Wherever possible the park has chosen animals that thrive in a free-range environment, which allows them to roam free, while mixed with other species and with us human visitors! These species are also able to adjust to the Irish Climate.


The English Market

In the heart of Cork City and with an eye-catching fountain at its centre, this quirky roofed food market has been trading since 1788. Under the possession of the Cork City Council, it’s one of the world’s oldest municipal markets. Artisan breads, fruit, and freshly caught seafood are just some of the specialities on offer



Located 50 kilometres to the east of the city, Youghal is known to be a seaside resort for tourists and locals alike. The place is known for its historic monuments and activities like sailing, fishing and sports to name a few.


St. Patrick’s Street

Cork City’s main road, St. Patrick Street, is lined with a variety of stores, and has become one of the main shopping areas in the downtown neighbourhood. Scattered along the road are street furniture and pedestrian walkways, for those who just want to relax and pass the time away. A prominent figure on the street is the statue of Father Theobald Matthew, which is situated near St. Patrick’s Bridge.


Spike Island & Cork City Gaol

Visit Cork’s famous jails:

Spike Island

Spike Island is located off the coast of Cobh Harbor and is known as the boarding place of the legendary Titanic. Ferry through the pristine Atlantic to the Island while enjoying a panoramic view of the Cobh Harbour behind and the plush green Island ahead. The Island shows monastic settlements dating back to 635 AD.


Cork City Gaol

The atmospheric and historic City Gaol, which opened in 1824 and closed in 1923. Originally the prison housed both male and female prisoners who committed crimes within the city borders. In 1878, the City Gaol became an all-female prison, which it remained until men opposed to the 1920 Anglo-Irish Treaty were incarcerated there in 1922-1923


St.Fin Barre’s Cathedral

A leisurely 11-minute walk from St. Patrick’s Street takes visitors to this Anglican Cathedral. The eye-catching structure in French Early Gothic style was designed by William Burges and consecrated in 1870.  St. Finnbarr’s Cathedral is a testimony to the magnificence of 19th century gothic architecture. The interior is made of marble mosaics, and windows of stained glass show specific scenes from the Bible.


Blarney Stone

Blarney Castle, which is located near the River Martin, is home of the famous Blarney Stone. This stone is also known as the Stone of Eloquence, as it allegedly bestows eloquence to those who kiss it. The famous stone is found at the top of the tower. Beautiful gardens surround the castle, and there’s a range of activities and events year around.


Fitzgerald Park

Fitzgerald Park is a tranquil oasis on the outskirts of Cork city. It still features the original pavilion and ornamental fountain from the era. In the gardens here, visitors will find Cork Public Museum, a cafe, sculptures, a skate park, and a water-lily pond.


Dursey Island Cable Car

The unique Dursey Island is county Cork’s most westerly-inhabited island and Ireland’s only island that is connected to the mainland by cable car, Yes, a cable car!! Located at the southwestern tip of the Beara Peninsula in west Cork and is a Signature Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way scenic coastal drive.



If you’re looking for festivals, then you came to the right place. Local and international artists come to perform in Cork’s Guinness Jazz Festival and the Cork International Choral Festival. For those looking for a taste of culture, plan your trip around the Cork Midsummer Festival or the Cork Arts Festival. Cork’s St. Patrick festivities should also not be missed!