Which is your favourite Christmas advert this year?

As 2016 comes to an end and the major brands have revealed their Christmas advertisements, I am going to look at the top 5 Christmas ads of 2016. For the first time in a few years The John Lewis Ad has been outdone by the likes of Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and Marks & Spencer’s.


Carpool karaoke king James Corden could reach the number one Christmas spot with this festive song. The karaoke star, who has belted out singles with celebrities such as Adele and Beyonce. The Late Late Show host, voices time-poor dad Dave in this brilliant commercial. Written by the man behind The Muppets’ Oscar-winning 2012 track Man or Muppet, has all the hallmarks or an “ear worm” – a song that is difficult to shake off.


The advert follows Kevin The Carrot, who at 3 inches tall, embarks on a dangerous quest through a lavish Christmas spread. Kevin is on route to meet Santa, all the while passing treacherous conditions before him. Take a look.

Marks and Spencer’s

As every brand seems to be stepping up there Christmas advertising this year, Marks and Spencer’s have done the same. This ad shows us how technology has changed society. Jake accidentally destroyed his sisters shoes and at the last minute sent a letter to the North Pole. The Hollywood-style advert, shows Mrs. Claus wave goodbye to Santa on his old-fashion sledge before she boards her high-tech red helicopter, named R-Dolf, to deliver Jake his Christmas wish.


Lidl’s Christmas advert seems to be the most touching of the 2016 Festive Ads. I don’t want to give the plot for the advert away before you’ve seen it but it’s got a family theme and a wonderful story.

Unofficial John Lewis Ad

Nick Jablonka created a version of the festive advert for his A-level media coursework and uploaded it to YouTube in June, but it has since gone viral. The video, which follows the the story of a snowman who finds love after being trapped in a snow globe. Watch the masterpiece here.

Kelloggs Christmas Advert 1991

Why not have a look at this golden oldie from 1991. A Christmas advert that will never date and probably the most memorable Christmas Commercial ever!

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