10 Times The Simpsons Got It Right!

10 Times The Simpsons Got It Right!

Donald Trump

The Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency 16 years ago, but not in a complimentary way. In the episode “Bart to the Future,” which aired on March 19, 2000, Bart has a vision of his future, in which his sister, Lisa, is president. Lisa then reveals that the country is broke thanks to the president in charge before her, Donald Trump. “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump,” Lisa says to her staff in the now-infamous episode.


Horse Meat Scandal

Before the UK’s Burger King horse meat scandal in early 2013, the Simpsons’ elementary school had already covered it in 1994. In the episode, ‘The Simpsons’ made a joke about Lunch lady Doris cooking with “assorted horse parks – now with more testicles”.


image courtesy of: telegraph.co.uk

Smartwatches vs The Apple Watch

Back to “Lisa’s Wedding” from 1995, which showed Lisa’s future fiancé make a phone call using his watch. It wouldn’t be until 2014 that similar smart watches became reality. It’s also worth noting that the same episode successfully predicted face-timing also. Weird, Right?


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US election rigged voting machines

Their 2008 gag about rigged voting machines which counted votes for the Republican party even when citizens chose Obama seemed spookily dead-on when several people complained about the exact same problem in the 2012 election.


Ebola Virus outbreak

In the 1997, Marge holds up a book, “Curious George and the Ebola Virus.” Later, Bart points to a picture he coloured in which he has passed away. So yeah, The Simpsons predicted the latest Ebola outbreak – or else based the episode on previous Ebola outbreaks that killed hundreds.



In the 1994 episode “Lisa on Ice” Bully Dolph takes a memo on his Apple Newton to beat up Martin but the text recognition doesn’t quite get it right. Auto-correct fail went on to be a huge internet sensation. According to a former employee, the episode actually helped Apple design the iPhone. The Simpsons sketch was used by execs to motivate designers and made sure they got the iPhone’s touch key ad to work.


Europe Puts Greece on eBay

The Simpsons insightful show has called many global incidents before they happened, and the Greek financial crisis apparently didn’t escape their orcale-like vision. In the episode ‘Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson’, which first aired in January 2013, Homer appears on a tongue-in-cheek version of Fox News. During his appearance, the news ticker shows a headline which reads: ‘Europe puts Greece on eBay.’


Bronchos – Sea Hawks Super bowl 2005

In the “Bonfire of the Manatees” episode of The Simpsons, which first aired Sept. 11, 2005, the Broncos and Seahawks meet in the Super Bowl, with Denver taking home a 19-14 win. That prediction also wasn’t far off from what transpired during the 2005 NFL season. The Seahawks did end up reaching Super Bowl XL, where they fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who defeated Denver in the AFC Championship Game.


Fifa Corruption Scandal

In episode 546, which was broadcast in 2014, a FIFA official is arrested by American authorities for corruption. A year later, in real-life, 14 people were indicted by the FBI about the FIFA corruption scandal. The investigation is ongoing.


Simpsons Wrecking Ball Vs Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

Remember when Homer swung about on a wrecking ball? It happened in 1994 and it was amazing. Miley Cyrus did the same in 2013 in her now famous music video. Watch Homer here.